Not an ordinary offer

for sponsorship


VO!BLA TEAM is an international team of like-minded people who likes to travel.

Our goals are:

  • To popularize the active style of living
  • To perform teambuilding with our partners all over the world
  • To deliver good Russian traditions
  • To work out the team spirit
  • Personal growth


OKTOBERFEST is a world’s largest folk festival, held for a few weeks each year in the German city of Munich.

  • More than 6 000 000 visitors
  • More than 30 000 – Russian speaking visitors
  • More that 6000 people visits the HOFBRAU tent, one of the largest beer tents of the Oktoberfest

We are

We can

  • Carry the the flag, branded with your Logo
  • Every hour we will celebrate your brand, drinking beer and crying out your slogan
  • Brand our huge and loud team bus with your logo and advertisement
  • Brand our team clothes with your logo and advertisement
  • Lay out your logo or your name with our bodies on the ground
  • Provide photo and/or video reports, any other documentary reports that might be necessary


Your representatives may join our team and we will make this Festival unforgettable for them.

As a must, our Team Fest always includes the flight and transfer, tour and excursions, accompanying at the Festival and hired guards.

See you later!